orange hat

Individual hand printed t-shirts and several hand printed bags. All soon to be available for purchase...woop!

degree show

when the banker returned, his boots were always filthy

An image based on Jerry Cruncher a character from Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities. By day a runner for Telsons Bank, by night Cruncher would earn extra income as a resurrection man. The image was also used for one of my t-shirt designs...coming soon!

big brother is watching you

A silkscreen image for a t-shirt based on the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell's 1984.

the modern prometheus

A book cover for Mary Shelley's Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus as it was first titled. Frankenstein was a reaction to the industrial revolution and the authors fears that man may one day strive to create life. The piece started as a book cover, but ended up as a large silkscreen on canvas. 

On display at degree show.


A silkscreen print for an NSPCC campaign to make people more aware of child cruelty. 

very novel

A selection of characters taken from famous literature reinterpreted for the 20th century.

Dexter. Darkly Dreaming Dexter.

Mrs Havisham. Great Expectations

The unknown seamstress. A Tale of Two Cities. 

play ping pong please

YCN entry for Butterfly brief asking for a printed campaign to get more people playing ping pong. This is one in a series of ping pong players recreated as a pastiche of a famous boxer. The hope was to bring some of the glitz, glamour and showmanship of boxing into the sport of ping pong. Each character is silkscreened onto a top trump style card and accompanies a small flick book of each player. 

oooh what a smoothie!

My entry to the D&AD awards responding to the brief for an 'outdoor advertising campaign' which would help attract a younger target market and get people drinking PJ Smoothie's.

24 horrors

Twenty four examples of hideous hair crimes. Ill admit to attempting at least four! Silkscreen print.

television personality

Another self initiated screen print looking at celebrity culture and what it takes to be a television personality in this day and age.

work hard, play harder

Self initiated silk screen print about the morning after the night before and the resulting come down of partying just a little to hard.